The Challenge
Right now, it's the economy. You're either preparing for cuts or you've made them already, and you've come to realize that you can't cut your way to success. You sense that in spite of this challenging economy, there may be new possibilities all around you. There's a lot more to this game than playing defense.

How will you exploit this market? Should you cut your prices? Expand your product offering? There's a lot of talent out there right now; should you expand your team? Take on venture capital? What's really the bottleneck to your growth? In any market, CEOs, directors and investors we know say that the critical issues are time and focus. But right now, another big issue is simply visibility: how much can you count on the forecast for the coming quarters?

'Windows of opportunity are short. Management is focused on today's business; execution is everything. The last thing we need is to have the CEO take his eye off the ball.'

How much more could you do to position your company for the eventual economic rebound if you and your team had additional bandwidth to seriously explore new opportunities to exploit this market? Or to thoroughly consider and assess things as they are right now and take action to improve performance and preserve cash during this difficult time?

The Solution
Drew Partners works with successful founder-run businesses to accelerate growth and often, to prepare and position them for either a funding or liquidity event. Our clients are those in charge, the CEOs, the driving-force entrepreneurs with deep domain expertise and the drive to succeed.

We provide flexible C-level resources that can be used as needed to help our clients act quickly and with confidence. In this uncertain economy there's simply no better value than to tap trusted, experienced senior executive talent from Drew Partners.

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